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Yesterday’s meeting

So we spent yesterday’s meeting going over our contract. Usually we spend these meetings talking about the next 3 months targets…. I mean the teaching staff only get 1 meeting a month to discuss new goals and share new methods.

We had a manager visiting from another area and he spent the majority of his time talking about the contract we all read and signed. The only thing I got out of it was a few new tips on homework assigning. Other peoples questions were on teaching methods and how to do things better. Clearly we didn’t want this.

I don’t think it’s right that our leadership was ok with monopolizing our time with something as useless as a line by line contract review.

One can argue that since we were paid to be there, we have to listen… we’re employees. But look at the outcome, none of us are prepared with the new targets, we have no new game ideas, and I personally have less faith in the leadership.

But that’s another story.

We should have been going over the targets and share methods. We should have been picking his brain about it.

I just don’t get what contract review has to do with educating children.

Yesterday’s meeting

I will never understand what explaining your commitments does for people. Personally I’m offended that someone thinks I do not have the capacity to remember promises made or contracts signed. On what planet does reviewing a contract signed by me or anyone, motivate to keep to said contract? If anything it guilts a person to do it. Not motivate to do better.

Pt2 nxt

Apparently this is where I come to vent.

I’ve chosen not to share this on my social because talking about my company on social media is a violation of my contract. So my company will not be referred to, any previous references to where are work are considered invalid from this point forth. Any similarities to where I work, schedule of work, and work procedures and the things said by me are purely coincidental.

*deep breath*

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Shambling for has brought me back to trains, big trains, small trains, trains that climb on rocks…. You know. While training I get a slice of Japanese life, the people that propel this society.

Yamaguchi line:
Across from me is a recent grad, unfamiliar with the business suit life, still itchy, maybe wanting to reset the clock a few years. And an older gentleman next to him, super black suit, probably funeral-bound. I get eyeballed by the Japanese man who thinks his shoes and socks shouldn’t be on the floor but on the seat across from him. Why so curious?

Ube line:
My route to ajisu has 1 transfer and this train epitomizes the weekends in Japan… Recreation. One man in a suit, but all else is jeans, comfy shoes, some ball caps. Still a nation of the clean shaven, even on days off.

Well this is ajisu, what did I learn? Are they just as perplexed as I am looking at my attire, my walk or maybe my patches boldly displayed on my messenger bag? I purposely put them there to show that someone like me could have an effect on Japan’s pilots. Yes Japanese man I taught your nations Defenders how to ask if that is a pen or where the train station is, or may I have a cheeseburger.

More questions… I also would like a cheeseburger.


Steam Machine Reveal - images from around the web

The above are an assortment of images from various media outlets who were able to get their hands on the prototype for Valves home gaming console. Check out the links below for more images as well as early impressions of the Steam Machine.

Sources - Wired, TheVerge, Seattle Times